Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iota?
Iota is a cloud hosting service. We offer online storage with a simple upload tool to allow easy file uploading.
Who can use Iota?
Anyone can use Iota! We have gone to great lengths to make a website which is simple and functional on most modern devices and operating systems.
Why did you create Iota?
There are a dwindling supply of image hosting websites out there that our developers like to use. We were looking for a service that provided certain security and privacy features like the ability to expire uploads and strip sensitive image EXIF data. Most image hosting sites on the web these days are designed to mine this sensitive data, we don't believe in operating that way.
What kind of files can be uploaded?
A list of our supported file extensions can be found on our home page above the upload box.
What happens if I don't expand Advanced Options?
If you do not expand the Advanced Options section, the defaults will be used automatically. If you wish to see what the defaults are, expanding the Advanced Options section will show you.
Do you keep a copy of the original exif data when cleansing it?
How do you cleanse the exif data on uploaded images, when requested?
Currently we cleanse your images with Exiftool. We run this Linux command to do it: exiftool -overwrite_original -gps:all=
How do I delete a file after I have uploaded it?
You may set a file expiration date when you upload the file by expanding the Advanced Options section. If you want to delete a file you set to store indefinitely, the only way to do so is to contact us.
Can I hotlink the files I upload?
Absolutely. As long as your use is in compliance with our AUP.
Are there any limits to the Iota service?
Currently we do not have any set limits, and since there are no user accounts, there is no means for us to enforce a limit on a specific person. Users and files found to be using excessive amounts of resources may be investigated in accordance with our AUP.
Can I upload _____?
Of the file is legal in the United States, not infringing on intellectual property rights such as copyright, and in compliance with our AUP, upload away!
A file on your service is infringing on my rights. How do I report abuse?
Please send us an email with the link to the file(s) in question, and any other pertinent information. Our abuse address is We will respond to any legitimate abuse complaint, it will not simply go into the abyss like would happen at less reputable file hosting sites.
I have other questions about Iota, where can I contact you?
Please drop by our IRC channel. #iota
Remember, patience is a virtue.